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Creamopolis, deriving from the words cream & polis (~πόλις), which in Greek stands for city, is the place where we make sure to take true care of you.

We have carefully chosen high-quality Greek products and created a collection of divine beauty care that will amaze you, for a total body, hair and face experience.

Take time to discover the world of natural ingredients, learn about their benefits & find the one that suits your unique skin type.


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  • Radiance Mask


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  • Advanced Argan Oil Permanent Hair Colorant


    1.0 Black1.0 Black
    10.0 Platinum Blonde10.0 Platinum Blonde
    10.1 Platinum Ash Blonde10.1 Platinum Ash Blonde
    12.0 Special Blonde12.0 Special Blonde
    2.1 Blue Black2.1 Blue Black
    3.0 Dark Brown3.0 Dark Brown
    4.0 Brown4.0 Brown
    4.77 Dark Chocolate4.77 Dark Chocolate
    5.0 Light Brown5.0 Light Brown
    5.3 Golden/Honey Light Brown5.3 Golden/Honey Light Brown
    5.6 Red Light Brown5.6 Red Light Brown
    5.7 Chocolate5.7 Chocolate
    6.0 Dark Blonde6.0 Dark Blonde
    6.1 Ash Dark Blonde6.1 Ash Dark Blonde
    6.3 Golden/Honey Dark Blonde6.3 Golden/Honey Dark Blonde
    6.4 Copper Dark Blonde6.4 Copper Dark Blonde
    6.7 Cocoa6.7 Cocoa
    6.77 Gianduja6.77 Gianduja
    66.46 Intense Burgundy Red66.46 Intense Burgundy Red
    7.0 Blonde7.0 Blonde
    7.1 Ash Blonde7.1 Ash Blonde
    7.3 Golden/Honey Blonde7.3 Golden/Honey Blonde
    7.7 Mocha7.7 Mocha
    77.44 Intense Copper Blonde77.44 Intense Copper Blonde
    8.0 Light Blonde8.0 Light Blonde
    8.1 Ash Light Blonde8.1 Ash Light Blonde
    8.3 Golden/Honey Light Blonde8.3 Golden/Honey Light Blonde
    8.7 Toffee8.7 Toffee
    9.0 Very Light Blonde9.0 Very Light Blonde
    0 out of 5
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  • 0 out of 5
  • 0 out of 5
  • 0 out of 5
  • 0 out of 5

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